Episode 63: For The Love Of Narcissism

In this week’s episode, we’re rehashing DragonCon, plus talking about National Online Learning Day, the For the Love of Spock documentary, and Texas Renaissance Festival. Looking for more? Check out the Psycho Kitty video that we talked about, and then make sure you make it to the Podcasting 101 panel that Cassi will be representing us at this weekend!

Episode 60: The Final Member

  Can you believe that we made it to episode 60 before ever having a penis episode?!  We are slightly ashamed of this considering how often we talk about vaginas.  For all of our penis having, penis loving, and penis curious friends, here is our penis episode, “The Final Member”. Because of the nature of the topic we warn this is a NSFW episode (like every episode) so we suggest to not play it for others to hear unless you know it is safe to do so. We will discuss a documentary with the same name, “The Final Member”  about … Continue reading